Welcome to the Vonnix Web site. My name is Yvonne Nynäs and I am a private,
KELA-certified psychotherapist and the sole operator of Vonnix. It is my goal to help meet
your mental health needs through counseling and therapy. Together we can identify and focus
on the issues and questions that are most important to you.

The therapist

If you or someone you know needs mental or emotional support, I want to assure you that
change is possible. Often, however, we are unable to see this when we most need help.
Obstacles to embracing the possibility of change can include:

  • Stress and exhaustion
  • Sadness, depression, and anxiety
  • Times of crisis and grief
  • Addiction ( including, but not limited to, alcohol and drugs…)
  • Feeling trapped in negative life patterns
  • Feeling the need to develop yourself as a person
  • Relationship problems

If you feel you could benefit from therapy or help with a personal mental health issue,
however big or small, please don’t hesitate to contact me!
I offer my services in swedish, finnish and english.