It is important that we take good care of ourselves. Many of us are good at taking care of
our physical health. We try to eat right and to exercise, for example. However, our mental
health also needs nourishment and care. We often forget this, especially when we have
busy lives. Many of us don’t even notice that we are experiencing mental health problems
until we reach a point where we are totally burned out.

What can we do to ensure that our psyche gets the care that it needs? Believe it or not,
we can train ourselves to feel good. In the same way athletes train themselves to run or
swim, for example, we can train ourselves to overcome obstacles to our mental well-being.

Here are some mental health training tips.

VALUABLE: Remember that you are valuable, as valuable as any other person. The fact
that you exist is alone of great importance. Looks, status, gender and age do not determine
your worth. They are only external features. Think of a 20 Euro bill, for example. The bill
gets rumpled, but it is still worth 20 Euros. The bill gets dirty but it is still worth 20 Euros.
The same applies to people. The worth of people never changes. It is constant.

CARE: You should care about yourself and others. If you don´t take care of yourself, it is
impossible to take good care of others. On the other hand, taking care of someone can be
a shortcut to taking care of you. When you give, you also get back. Test this by doing
something simple, such as making a telephone call, or giving someone a compliment or
a smile. Remember to tell yourself something positive every day. Take care of yourself
in the same way you would take care of your best friend.

NOURISHMENT: We need mental nourishment. This means that our psyche needs us to
do hings that make us feel good. Such things can vary from person to person.
Some people get their mental nourishment from running or relaxing. Others find joy in
prayer and meditation. Important sources still for others are music and books. And for
others, baking, doing crafts or art. It is important to find your own source of nourishment
and to enjoy it as freely and often as possible.

ENJOYMENT: It is important to enjoy life, and to avoid letting ourselves dwell too much
on life’s challenges and responsibilities. One approach is to try not to take life too seriously,
to have fun more often and to spend as much time as we can with the people we love.
There are lots of ways to enjoy ourselves – by dressing up in beautiful clothes, enjoying
good food and drinks, reading magazines, or relaxing in front of the TV. It doesn´t have to
be that complicated. Some people find pleasure in just relaxing – doing nothing – and that
is OK, too.

INTEGRITY: It is important to stand up for yourself and your beliefs. You don´t have to
believe and think like other people. You are you. As a unique individual, you have the right
to your own thoughts and feelings, and to feel secure in them. You know who you are,
where you stand, and where your borders lie. It is also important to respect the integrity
of others.

GRATEFULNESS: Try to be grateful and thankful for what you have. There´s always
something to be grateful for, and the more grateful you are, the happier and more joyful
you will become. Research has shown that making the effort to feel grateful has a positive
effect on our mental health.